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Secretary General’s Speech
May 17, 2020
Secretary General’s Speech

We are about to establish an interrelation among all classes of people in Bangladesh and bring them into a single platform where they will be able to share their ideas, thoughts and demands related to the development of ICT in Bangladesh. We are primarily performing our activities up to all upazilla of Bangladesh. We primarily intend to increase the awareness and disperse the positive use of internet to make the best fruition from our young generation and others. We established our organization and converted it to a public organization through recent amendment of our policies. Through this, we have opened a new door of opportunity to create interrelations among people interested in the development of ICT infrastructure in Bangladesh. Anyone can become a member of this organization, as there is four categories of members are currently extant. Members will achieve the opportunity of taking part in the development activities of this organization. Everyone in this country will taste the development of ICT and it will take us one step ahead to the path of Digital Bangladesh.


Secretary General